MuddedUK is actually the result of the frustration I felt when looking for events to take my trusty #warhorse to.

There are approx 150 Off Road venues up and down the UK – some are run as businesses, some are run off the back of something else and some are managed by Off Road Clubs. Some of them publish their events, some dont, some in private forums, some on facebook…. You get the¬†picture…

And it does look like people have tried to solve this “issue” before, but without wanting to sound a bit arsey, they have done a terrible job of it.

So, MuddedUK was born!

Initially, we aim to bring you up-to-date news about events around the UK, feature clubs, associations and shops that are all part of the UK Off Road Community.

We’ll also be blogging about cool things we find, we’re sent and we make so be sure to subscribe to the blog.

If you would like to see us feature something, add something cool to the site or if you see something wrong then get in touch – this is the start of a community, and communities are collections of people that help each other.

Help make MuddedUK into the No1 resource for UK Off Road information.