Awesome new Off Road Events Calendar

OK, so ive been mulling over how I was going to do my Off Road Events Calendar – there are loads of website add ons to make this site into a calendar – but I couldn’t help but think it would be a static, stand-alone site and unless you checked it, you wouldn’t know about any of the events I was listing.

SO, as I live the rest of my life by what Google Calendar says (use it at work, and personally) I figured having a public calendar that lists all the events was the right thing to do. It can be synced with mobile phones and also your calendar within Gmail and i’m sure it can be synced with iPhones too but I have no idea how to do that.

Off Road Events

If you are a venue owner and would like you events listing on the calendar then please get in touch. Additionally, if I do list your events and there are issues please also contact me.

Hope you enjoy, peeps!

4×4 Off Road Event Calendar

Frickley 4×4 Off Road Events – September to December 2016

Wow that last month flew by! I didnt get time to visit any pay-and-play days last month but the #warhorse is back on it and raring to go. Perhaps i’ll pop to Frickley again on one of the dates below! If you go, please send some snags for our catalogue!

18th September 2016
2nd October 2016
16th October 2016
30th October 2016
13th November 2016
27th November 2016
11th December 2016 (last one for 2016)

To book yourself on one of the days or for more information about Frickley, please visit their website.

Off Road Events – Frickley Offroad Centre – August 2016

There is only one more event at Frickley this month, so if this is your favourite spot and you want to go while the sun is out then be sure to get yourself along.

21st August 2016

For more dates and info visit their Diary.

I enjoyed my last visit to Frickley – its a decent site although we went just before they reshaped some of the landscape so it should be an interesting experience next time 🙂

Off Road Events in August 2016 @ KORC

One of the reasons I set this website up, was because I was sick and tired of hunting down info ariton for off road events. For example the Kirton Off Road Club website says no up and coming events, yet (one of) their official Facebook groups states they have events;

  • 14th August –  Extra Pay n Play Day for all.
  • 20th & 21st August – Extra Pay n Play weekend for all
  • 26th, 27th, 28th and 29th August – 4×4 Bank Holiday Weekend

For more information, visit the KORC Facebook group as that seems to be the most active info outlet they have.

Im going to try and get to one this month so that I can take a drone and get some epic footage – plus I get to play in the mud in the old #warhorse too!

YouTube Channel Review: OFF-ROAD TÜRK?YE

OK, so these guys make some super cool videos. I initially found them as they own a few AMAZING Land Rover Discoverys, and I stumbled upon them when searching out videos for inspiration for the warhorse.

To be honest, a lot of their videos are slow going, they get stuck a lot but then they do drive through some seriously chewed up bits of dirt!

I would love to travel to Turkey one day )if that’s where much of this is filmed) as it looks like a lot of fun! 🙂

I Reached out the the channel, as I would like to interview them and ask them a few questions about their channel but no reply yet. They’re probably still digging themselves out the mud 🙂

If you would like to see their full range of videos and perhaps subscribe to their channel, you can do that by going here.

GLASS – Green Lane Association – Feature

It happens to us all, well, those of us who buy a 4×4 vehicle and realise how much fun they are to drive. We all start off as simple owners but before you can say “waffle boards” you are looking at mods for your truck to squeeze more potential out of them, but you also start looking at legitimate organisations that can help make your off roading experience even better.

There are a couple of organisations in the UK, the one we’re looking at today is GLASS.

On their website, they state that;

“GLASS is the National User Group for those who enjoy using the Country’s network of ancient unsurfaced public roads and vehicular rights of way. We are a not for profit association dedicated to driving, protecting and researching our unique heritage of unsurfaced public highways. We promote legal and responsible driving as a way of enjoying the countryside, campaign against irresponsible use and aim to keep them open for all to use.”

The GLASS story started in 1995 and since then GLASS have evolved to become a responsible organisation that help keep the green lanes of the uk, Green!

GLASS Timeline

GLASS operates a paid membership platform, and they offer members access to regular news and updates via bulletins and their bi-annual magazine, and additionally offer access to their impressive online database of green lanes in the UK.

They often exhibit at shows, looking to recruit new members to help them grow the organisation – they do not host their own off road events as Green Laning itself is better carried out in small groups due to the narrow lanes available and also so as to not disturb the natural surroundings too much.

Frickley Off Road – Pay & Play 7th August 2016

Frickley 4×4 Offroad Centre was established in April 2005 as part of a diversification project. The site on a reclaimed slag heap and covers approximately 75 acres which consists of woodland, various depths of water, rock crawl, uphill rock climb section, earth mover tyre section and covers all degrees of severity to accommodate the extreme modified vehicle and driver as well as regular road legal vehicles and drivers.

They are hosting one of their Pay & Play days on the 7th of August 2016.

Site opening times 10am to 4pm.
Pay & play entrance is £25 per vehicle.
All makes of legal and non road legal welcome (sorry, no motorbike or quadbikes are allowed on this site)

No advanced tickets are available, so turn up early to guarantee entry.

Contact details here: