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Silverdale Off Road Pay and Play Venue

I am always on the hunt for new off road/pay and play venues to add to this site – and I asked some friends if they knew of any that I had not already added. One of the guys mentioned Silverdale which is part of the Explore Off Road centre, so I did some digging and found their website and event info.

“As well as our Off-Road site we also have a pay and play site located in Silverdale, Keele. For just £25 you can tackle the extreme terrain alone for a full day. The site contains woodlands, steep hills, water, and lots of mud; it’s not recommended for shiny new vehicles and is definitely not for the faint hearted! (Road taxed vehicles only.)”

On Google maps, it *seems* like the site is HUGE;

I may have the map of Silverdale wrong – but there are tracks all over the area i’ve circled!

The exact address of the site is;

Haying Wood
off Pepper Street

And prices for pay and play days are £25 per vehicle. Sounds like a bargain – can’t wait to visit!

Their events have been added to the Off Road Events Calendar (there are not many) and I will contact the site to find out if they have planned out P&P days for december and next year, and will ensure they are added to the calendar too.

Have you ever been? Would love to see your images and videos!

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